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In Chemanywhere, we believed every student are gifted and whether you are  just starting to learn chemistry or you want to horned your skills, chemanywhere Academy will teach you General chemistry, inorganic & organic chemistry and Physical chemistry that specifically target IP, ‘O’, ‘A’ and IB syllabus. You are able to enjoy learning chemistry at your own pace without the stress of your peers or schools who are either ahead or lagging behind of what you have learnt.
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Guaranteed No students will be left behind.

We frequently release & update new courses and replay of recent lessons conducted via our online/physical class in UPTAS.SG. Students is able to watch the replay of the class, take quizzes integrated with AI that enhance the student engagement and interest in the subject. The contents for Chemanywhere Academy will ensure you stay ahead of the learning curve in school.

Taught by Media Featured PhD Doctorate Super Tutor

Together with Dr. Aw and Miss Tham, the contents and notes created in Chemanywhere are the highest quality and updated frequently to ensure students have the latest update of the new trend of questions and answering techniques. You learn what need be learnt by the best in the subject.

Elevate your skills Our Proven Learning strategies

With more than 92.8% distinction rates for both 'O' and 'A' Level chemistry with real people and real results. The learning strategies has successfully helped thousands of students and transforming their grades from literally a F9 to A1 (O' and IP Level) and U to A (A' Level).

Founder Message

Hi there, I’m Dr Aw Junxin. Chemanywhere Academy is created as a desire to reach out more students who are facing problems in chemistry and help them to overcome the challenge that they face in school.


Through many years of teaching, I recognise that there is an increasingly number of online resources and books that are overwhelmingly tedious and ineffective as the students are often overwhelmed by the loads of information and unsure what are the key important concepts and keywords to apply in exam. In Chemanywhere Academy, we aim to simply this by providing a central platform where students can learn key concepts through bite size video. Furthermore, explaining complicated concepts to simpler forms is at the heart of Chemanywhere Academy. Hence, a typical long winded lessons (8 hrs)  that was taught in school, it will be condensed to less than a 1/4 of the original time required while not compromising any essential contents for exam.

By joining the Uptas Learning Hub (Uptas.sg), all students will  have access to Chemanywhere portal which consist of replay of past lessons, rewatch specific topics of your weaker topics, taking online quizzes, understanding practical experiment and techniques during major examinations.





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